Aug 11, 2015

A Pornstar and a Catholic Priest

by Lance Hart | My Writings | 4Comments


  1. Sounds like a very interesting chat for a plane ride. Did any other passenger who overheard you two make any comment to you later? I also wonder whether the priest understood what you said to him?

    As I read your post, I started thinking of the movie, “The Exorcist,” because I expected the priest to jump up, start sprinkling holy water on you, and yelling, “the power of Christ commands you,” over and over again. lol


  2. Al,

    It’s actually “The power of Christ COMPELS you.” Not COMMANDS you. Just a small correction respectfully given but your message is the same.

  3. During the time Jesus incarnated here, he was born into wealth and men sold their sons to other men at age 13 to learn how to have sex and how to be of service to men sexually. It was part of the economic structure during that time. Men who marry to hide their homosexuality are rampant. Religion is a man made way to control others. Spirituality is natural. The Bible says God created man. A man created a doll to play with, essentially. Then pulled a rib from this man, and created a woman. All men are from the same lineage so gay is natural. And, the world was populated by brothers and sisters having sex. Isnt that called incest?!
    Lance, I remember meeting you in LA and chatting w you.

  4. A very interesting story to tell.
    I don’t like the way priests talk when they feel uncomfortable. They shouldn’t judge what is soooo bad or not, that is just his moralistic opinion. It is up to God to judge, and I am not saying what I think, that is writen on everybody’s bible. I dare say that as a priest he is doing his work wrong.

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