Dec 25, 2013

Basic Clips4sale Top 50 Metrics

by Lance Hart | Other Stuff, Stuff I Wrote | 12Comments


  1. I love you…. And this is wonderfully written. Plain and simple doing what we do isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a retirement plan. I love it when one of my stores break 2000 a month.

  2. I recently started a Clips store this week, Elle Woods Amateur MILF adventures. I was wanting to get some advice on how to increase traffic to my Clips store. Sales are really slow, but we are getting about 1 sale for every hundred hits so I am trying to keep positive that I can earn some extra monthly income from this. I would greatly appreciate any advice you have on how to increase my sales such as genres I should try, etc. Love your site! Thanks!!

    1. Sorry I took forever to respond. The quickest extra traffic you can give will come from putting previews on tubes. Stick to the ones that let you have a clickable link below you’re video as it plays. Good luck!

  3. I think its awesome that even in this economy you found your niche and youre doing what makes you happy and getting paid well for it, thats the real American dream friends. Im a happily married man but Im an open-minded person who believes that love is love and it doesnt know boundaries like gender or skin color. My wife and I are very open-minded in the bedroom as well so I may cruise some of your sites for some inspiration :) Thank you for doing what you do my friend and keep up the good work!

  4. Nice post :) One comment – from your images – you are looking at only your cut (60%) and not the total made for the past 7 days (choose – Sales Report Detailed – shows information for each sale by title) and look at the total sales not just your commission. The Top 50 is a rolling calculation, that is what confuses people as well. It is on a rolling past 7 days calculation. It doesn’t include today, it counts all monies made from yesterday back seven days.

  5. Hi, I tried for about 6 months and failed miserably. I went after the fetish crowd, hired girls (that’s expensive) $100 a day, but when you are filming and get some girls wasting time, getting ready, don’t know how to act, have to coach them etc., it gets very expensive. Some days I had no sales, I did make money, but could not film around my roomates all this made me spend extra money. In the end I did clear about $350 bucks a month but realistically I was putting in about 20 hours a week, that’s 80 hours a month. True there is money to be made but often after all the costs realistically my opinion, just an opinion working for less than $4 an hour to claim I am my own boss was not worth it. Went back to my job for a company in marketing that is known………reliable check. Just not as hoky again to me. IF it works for others and they strike lightning good for all of you.

  6. Good breakdown with the numbers. I think people get too discouraged when they don’t make a ton of money right off the bat. Jumping into this industry doesn’t happen over night. Some of the technologies and different platforms for publishing media haven’t even been developed yet! Content is gold. Its value isn’t measured in how well it sold in a week or month. More people need to look at the big picture of the industry and the plan long term goals.
    The internet is pretty wide open these days. and somewhat untouched. I mean this blog is currently 2.5 years old content showing up on google’s first page when searching the term “admin c4s” something many people do.
    Pretty awesome stuff.
    (I also think Clips4Sale should incorporate a Top 100 studios. :p

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