Aug 03, 2015

Broken Heart, Big Changes, High Hopes…

by Lance Hart | My Writings | 4Comments


  1. I am sorry you had such bad breakup.
    Do you seek both genders for future mate or do you keep to girls?
    I am happy you have such success with your creation, Do you intend to stay behind the camera full time or will you work in front of the camera from time to time too?


  2. Lance,

    What an incredible read! Thank you so much for the honesty, but more for the learning and the teachings. Many of us have suffered relationship setbacks like yours and they eat you up like a malignant disease. Often you think you can control it by yourself — but more often you’re spinning out of control and an overly emotional mind can trigger all kinds of thoughts and actions. I admire you for consulting advice and being open-minded to what happened here.

    The heart is such a complex organ. Provides us the greatest feelings and emotions in our lives — but can totally crush us when damaged, brushed or broken. Look after it in the months ahead because it needs the same attention you are devoting to other muscles which you clearly have shaped phenomenally.

    I ain’t ashamed to say I am a big admirer of yours! That sound kinda corny? I strictly loved your work with stunning female performers so I guess the lines of sexual preference never got too blurred. Or maybe they are? Hmmmmm.

    Anyway, I downloaded so many of your scenes off your Sweetfemdom website plus also Femdom Empire and Kink where you delivered some of your greatest work. I guess you just acted out so much stuff many of fantasise about, and in some cases have tried to replicate ourselves in our private lives. They were cool, they were creative, they were fun and they were explosive.

    Your work with the gorgeous Sadie Holmes, Ashley Fires, Chichi Medina, Vanessa Vixen, Dava Foxx, Molly Jane, Cory Chase, JC Simpson Cleo, Cadence Lux and so many others like the TS scenes and others on Femdom Empire was spectacular. To think that it’s suddenly over saddens me — but that is speaking totally as a fan, which is unfairly selfish. I guess I naively thought you’d continue on forever. The scenes would just keep getting hotter and new themes and boundaries would continue to get pursued. God forbid — you even shot some scenes with the stunning Jade Jantzen! That right there is “next level” stuff or was it merely a walk-off tease for all of us?! :)

    Anyway, thank you for everything! I owe you that! You are an immensely cool guy who provides a lot of inspiration. You have a large and respected following and for that you deserve much credit. I hope things work out for you on multiple fronts. They say as one door closes, another opens and I hope that happens to you.

    I cannot end without a very selfish request that I hope you are not lost entirely to performing. There is a bevy of gorgeous ladies who look even more stunning when you perform with them. Life is too short to be without you and Sadie Holmes, and Jade Jantzen, and Cleo and…. :)

    Good luck. stay cool. Keep a positive vibe.


  3. sorry to hear about all of this, as a big fan of yours, it sucks to hear all that went down , but im glad to hear you are bettering yourself not for someone else but because you want to, personally i never wanted anything more than candy and to wake up to a late lunch with maybe a side of boypussy.
    anyways i hope this isnt the end of seeing you on the camera but i hope all of your decision turn out golden as im sure they will.

  4. I literally just discovered your work today. I love it– you very much remind me of my sub, who has to travel all the time for work and I am currently missing him. Anyway, your post reads as being incredibly honest and self-aware. It sounds like you’re making healthy decisions, not just with the kale, but taking a step back from porn to heal emotionally. I will enjoy your archives. Best of luck!

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