Feb 25, 2015

FAQ’s About my Sexual Orientation

by Lance Hart | Stuff I Wrote | 4Comments


  1. This is the greatest example of a comfortable sexuality I’ve ever read! Dude you are so rad for this. There’s a complete lack of fear and a 100% embrace of what and who you are and that rocks my fuckin socks. If porn was made by people like you, I’d jerk off to all of it! Love ya man.

  2. You’re THE star right now for what most turns me, and a lot of straight men–women into male asses. Very inventive work you’re doing.

  3. For as much porn as I watch, I only heard of you today. I mean, I watch a lot of gay porn, and I maybe saw you before, but you’re so good-looking, I feel like I would’ve remembered/looked you up at the time.

    I was reading an old interview, also about two year old, with Christian Wilde on GayDemon, and he was saying that you were his favorite performer because you were into everything: boys, girls, TS, you name it. So then I went into a Lance Hart rabbit hole like you wouldn’t believe, watching clips of all kinds of your work. And Christian was right: Dude, you are THE man! You are so handsome and hot, and I love your attitude about sex as written about.

    You seem like a guy with a good head on his shoulder. Wish you all the best with your endeavors. You’re smokin’, man.

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