Mar 14, 2016

How to get ripped the sober way

by Lance Hart | My Writings, Other Stuff | 6Comments


  1. Well said. Very articulate. Suspect the sentiment expressed in this blog applies to everyone. Putting toxins, regardless of what it might be, into the body will have an impact on both the mind and the body.

  2. Your body is amazing. You are perfection. You have unique sexual fetishes which is hot. But you could be making way more money on your sites catering to gay guys. Gay guys want to be dominated by a hot guy like you. But you are often the one dominated. You should be tag teaming submissive gay guys and creaming their faces. I think your porn world would explode if you tapped into this market.

  3. This is an amazing post on so many levels Lance. You are doing some of the smartest, most creative porn today. You cater to specific fetish niches expertly and straddle the sexuality line perfectly. Gay, straight, pegging, pantyhose… Your work is so real that it’s always super hot so I’m not surprised by how difficult it must be emotionally. I have trouble coming to grips with my own fetishes which are hidden. It must be 1000x harder when your famous for what you do. Get ripped, stay sober, and keep producing your wonderful materials. There are lots of us out there that LOVE your work but don’t talk about it!

  4. You are incredibly handsome, probably the most handsome man I have ever seen in porn. I think I could look at that face, eyes and those high eyebrows for the next 30 years and never get tired of them.
    Keep up the good work ,continue to stay away from drugs, alcohol, toxic and unconscious people, “be safe”, and you will have a great, long, life. I love your work.

  5. I think how you explain the process is very simple, but people have to want it and actually do it to transform themselves. It’s just, not many would commit themselves to that extent.
    I find your blog very unique because it’s from a person who is very free with their sexuality and seems self-assured with their self. I don’t know who you are personally and honestly, I stumbled across your blog because I googled “how do pornstars get so fit?”. And long story short, none of my friends had the answer or the wonder to even come up with that question. Same with “would insects die faster or slower if they landed in super spicy hot sauce? Is it like acid?” And people who will read this will also wonder about that. But I digress, it seems like, you have a tough life, regardless of your success and personal achievements. I just wanted to write some encouragement that, though you may be lacking what you seek now, there are always good things and positive people that will support and be in your life, let it be a one time thing or meet to a lifelong friendship. You’re doing pretty well on physical health and mental wellness is hard, but it seems you’re doing great. Keep up the fantastic work and keep doing you. :)

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