Jun 02, 2016

The Cross Over Thing: Bring me Fuck-Justice

by Lance Hart | Stuff I Wrote | 8Comments


  1. Lance, please keep fighting the good fight. I really want to see you fuck more women. The guy and bi stuff is super hot. It just seems there’s so much more of it than your straight videos.

    1. I knew Jessica Dee I doubt she’s say that ah, whatever. Seems like this post was more to brag about your “conquests”. Love you you bask in your ego.

  2. I love you no matter where you’ve been. Crossover and cross back again and criss-cross the hell out of that dick I say and let nobody stop you.

  3. God damn that was a great read, extemely well written and to the point . This cross over b.s. needs to end. If everyone is safe it shouldn’t matter especially if most or you are already fucking each other. Keep up the great work you do for us Lance

  4. I really believe that the hotter the girl, the hotter the scene. You in a bi scene with some of the hottest contract girls would rock, either way I love your work. You make getting pegged look really hot and you can really fill out those pantyhose, I’d love to see you in a bi scene with Kendra Lust or Abella Danger

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