Jun 02, 2016

The Cross Over Thing: Bring me Fuck-Justice

by Lance Hart | My Writings | 6Comments


  1. What I don’t understand is why not be completely proactive about it and take it up a notch, if there is any concern of this. There is a pill you can take once a day religiously and reduce your chances of contracting HIV by 99.9% it’s called Truvada and if your HIV negative and you take this pill your odds of getting it are so minuscule that it shouldn’t really matter. I have always had a school of thought that you should just assume everyone to sleep with is positive and be practicing safe sex but to take it a step further go on prep-preexposure prophylaxis and take Truvada just to be safe !!!

    1. That’s a VERY good point. I get get asked that a lot. There’s two reasons why I think most adult performers are not on Truvada.

      1) It’s expensive if the state you live in doesn’t subsidize it. I checked, and for me to take it in Florida it would cost me close to $800 per month. I can afford that, but many performers cannot. Most adult performers actually only make about $40k per year. They just feel and look like they make a lot because they make $1000 in a few hours sometimes. There just isn’t regular work. Because the work can be highly irregular, it’s hard to justify a monthly $800 expense. If we were mandated to take Truvada, we’d all find a way. Sometimes I think we should be…
      2) You can take your Truvada responsibly, or you can forget to take it. Or you can (most likely) decide you don’t have the $800 this month and risk skipping it. There’s no way to verify. We can test for viral loads every 2 weeks, which is what we do, but this creates a mind fuck of a grey area…

      Make sense?

  2. just a language thing. trans women are women. you wrote, “I like women and trans-women”. no need for a hyphen either. if you’re trying to say you like women who were assigned female at birth and identify with that assignment, the word is cis. and also, I really dig this article! that’s shitty you have to deal with shitty agents being douchebags. gross.

    1. By “trans-women”, I’m almost positive he means women with penises. “Trans-women” sounds much better than the latter phrase. Maybe some people would like to make that distinction without being so PC that it’s confusing. ——-

      I like men who like men and women and trans-women and just fucking period. More power to ya. Your videos are hot.

  3. I think your comment is so relevant in today’s times where people sleep with whoever they want in their private life. The adult scene seems to have some of the prejudice you find between the gay and straight scenes. I basically am with you on my private life. I like to date women and trans women and prefer to have sex with people that identify as female. Now don’t get me wrong I like gay sex, butt it’s rare. Also, I find a lot of discrimination from the gay scene if I mention that I’m bi. Also, many women find it highly offensive I’d date a man and woman at the same time unless they are bi. That level of actual bisexuality doesn’t ever seemed to be rivaled. In some cases I’ve experienced a truly bisexual relationship where we both had partners of the same sex and opposite sex. That only occurred when I had female partners who were equally bisexual, but preferred a primary male partner. It’s the same way I prefer a primary female partner with many other female and male partners. Fortunately, people are pretty open to dating someone that is sapio sexual, pansexual or bi. Basically I like to fuck and date who I like. In Chicago it’s a haven for people of all types, but ends up being a very small world when you like to have a lot of sex and prefer straightish girls. Thanks for inspiring me to possibly try getting into adult film and being so frank in all your posts, blogs. Plus, your videos look great and I’ll be watching some very soon.

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